by Henry Collins



Here's some recordings of a very fun, simple rhythmic noise set up from 2014. For this i used an amplified ruler attached with a clamp to a table run through ableton live's corpus plugin (which gives it that extra umphh) + a noise gate .. Then i channelled into the rummaging mentality with chopsticks to play it.

I did once try doing this live but it was total crap as i could never get it to have quite the same resonance; particular conditions i suppose. It was also the last thing i sent to Planet Mu as a demo (No response, not surprising) ... Hope you enjoy having a listen, Free dl as it's not really an album just naked recordings of something i did.


released May 10, 2016

me and my ruler!



all rights reserved


Henry Collins Bristol, UK

sonic investigation - sound collage, - field recording - noise - rummaging + more :-0

henryliamcollins (at)

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