Live at The Cube (22​/​5​/​14)

by Henry Collins



This was my first set at the cube in 8 years and just my luck, an annoying group in the audience completely spoiled this set for me by talking very loudly in the cosy cube auditorium about HTML coding thorough out all of the set with no regards to the music be being performed and respect for the performer and rest of the listening auidence, in retrospect i wish i'd told them to shove there widgets and code where the sun dosen't shine ... but was in a mellow mood (as you can tell by this set). I did record it on my zoom h4n though and it sounds alright. I used modfied Vinyl, homemade instruments, field recordings and various contact mic'd upped objects for this show. I played alongside the wonderful Adam Brown and Henry, of Bristol Dub Studio,


released May 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Henry Collins Bristol, UK

sonic investigation - sound collage, - field recording - noise - rummaging + more :-0

henryliamcollins (at)

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